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Judy Hill
Flying J Miniature Shepherds
Rogersville, AL

  • 6 weeks - Safe Guard Goat Wormer - mix with goat milk or buttermilk to make it more palatable. (See pics below) 3 days in a row to worm or 5 days in a row for worming and giardia

  • Doc Roys for Calcium - give daily, start with first pup through weaning.  (pic below). Can also use calcium citrate but this is balanced with other nutrients needed. (This can cause the growling that Luna exhibited during nursing)

  • Nu Vet - Immune booster "K-9 Plus" (in her opinion, reds have a weaker immune system)

Arlo Info

  • Microchip through

  • Embark for Health Panel​

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Luna Info

  • Microchip through

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