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About Air Raid Minis

My husband and I fell in love with the Australian Shepherd breed over 20 years ago.  We currently still have a standard-size Aussie named Cooper.  We discovered Miniature American Shepherds about 10 years later and began researching the breed.  We added Luna (MAS) to our family in 2019  and Arlo (MAS) in 2022.  We absolutely adore the breed's characteristics and want to continue to build on all the fantastic qualities of the Miniature American Shepherd breed in addition to increasing availability in our area.  We are beginning to work with our dog for competitions and agility and hope to pursue those ventures in the future.

Our Family

So what does a football have to do with Air Raid Minis?  Well, we are a sports family.  My husband is a gifted Offensive Coordinator and our children both play sports of their own.  We are a family on the go and our four-legged family members get to go right along with us. As teachers, my husband and I are very involved in activities and events going on around us and our dogs will often accompany us in those activities.  We love sporting events and venturing out on the lake during the summer.  Both of our MAS love the water and get plenty of opportunities to swim during the warm months as we venture out to the water. Life at Air Raid Minis is anything but slow and out pups like to keep up.  :)

Our Dogs

All of our dogs are fully health tested and Please visit Our Dogs page and get to know our four-legged family members and feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

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